Meet Our Board Of Directors

The Miss Tristan Foundation Board of Trustees was founded in 2016 and established as a 501(c)3 non-profit board in 2017. 

Interested in serving on a Miss Tristan Committee and/or our Board of Trustees, please send an email to

Joe Byrd, Jr.

Founder & President of the Board of Trustees

Liza McGinn

Founding Member (2016)

Danielle Beadle

Board Secretary, Founding Member (2016)

Erika Moe

Member (2021)

Jeff Moe

Member (2022)

Tricia Lopez

Member (2022)

Suzanne Straw

Member (2018)

Amy Calderon

Member (2022)

Isabel Owen-Jacobs

Member (2019)

The Executive Director serves as a voting member of the board in accordance with a conflict of interest agreement. The Executive Director abstains from voting unless her vote becomes necessary to progress the business of the board meeting; i.e. in the event of a tie, to create a voting quorum in the event trustees are unable to attend.