Meet Our Board Of Directors

The Miss Tristan Foundation Board of Trustees was founded in 2016 and established as a 501(c)3 non-profit board in 2017. In 2018, Miss Tristan hired Misi Woolard as their Executive Director and sole-employee of the foundation. 

Interested in serving on a Miss Tristan Committee and/or our Board of Trustees, please send an email to

Joe Byrd, Jr.

Founder & President of the Board of Trustees

Melissa "Misi" Matthews-Woolard

Executive Director & Board Treasurer

Danielle Beadle

Board Secretary, Founding Member (2016)

Melissa "Misi" Matthews-Woolard

Executive Director & Board Treasurer

Lisa McGinn

Founding Member (2016)

Suzanne Straw

Member (2018)

Annakyi Gilbert

Member (2018)

Isabel Owen-Jacobs

Member (2019)

Mike Boesplug

Member (2020)

The Executive Director serves as a voting member of the board in accordance with a conflict of interest agreement. The Executive Director abstains from voting unless her vote becomes necessary to progress the business of the board meeting; i.e. in the event of a tie, to create a voting quorum in the event trustees are unable to attend.